Blog refresh

Another hiatus, another post on my blog. While I find that I’ve been busier than ever, a lot of that doesn’t go into my blog and I’ve decided the best way to handle my blog is lower the grandeur of its presentation and write it more like a document of interesting things to look at and read about. A portfolio approach is what I find appealing to me at the moment, and using a rather old WordPress theme is ironic given all the trend-chasing I do for web design but when you’re in that business perhaps it makes more sense to chase after the timeless stuff for your own work.

I’ve done a rather large spring cleaning of my posts and pages and a lot of the static page content has been moved into posts hence a lot of old stuff has been timestamped to 2019. While I find WordPress a rather ugly thing to manage when you have such a cluttered backlog I will be using posts more efficiently to make things easier on myself for the future.

Looking forward to it!

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