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Blog refresh

Another hiatus, another post on my blog. While I find that I’ve been busier than ever, a lot of that doesn’t go into my blog and I’ve decided the best way to handle my blog is lower the grandeur of its presentation and write it more like a document of interesting things to look at and read about. A portfolio approach is what I find appealing to me at the moment, and using a rather old WordPress theme is ironic given all the trend-chasing I do for web design but when you’re in that business perhaps it makes more sense to chase after the timeless stuff for your own work.

I’ve done a rather large spring cleaning of my posts and pages and a lot of the static page content has been moved into posts hence a lot of old stuff has been timestamped to 2019. While I find WordPress a rather ugly thing to manage when you have such a cluttered backlog I will be using posts more efficiently to make things easier on myself for the future.

Looking forward to it!

Who am I?

From my “about me” page:

Hi, I’m a young independent game developer from Costa Rica. I’ve worked on various game projects under Voltisoft, my indie game development team since 2011, and have since been responsible for Holdout and Suddenly…Mutants! with much more to come. My focus is on the changing gaming scene with the introduction of HTML5 and development suites such as Construct 2. I have self-acquired skill in graphic design and pixel art.

The independent game development scene has been for me an outlet to express a combination of teamwork, creativity, and expression. We can make new worlds and play with the one we exist in. It’s taken me from a drawing pad to a graphic design suite, and since I’ve never had so much fun making things fun for people. You can follow my work on this blog, where I post exciting ideas and realities.

Hi there once more! Welcome to my blog where you’ll find updates on all of my work. I’ll be posting dev logs and images of all kinds of things, whether or not they make it to the final project or not. Have a good time while you’re here!