CyLoL and Esportsvision in 2017

I now feel like I have enough free time to write this post knowing fully well I can go through with what I outline. I would like to start by thanking my administration and moderation staff who worked with me for years in an effort that only exists because they find it interesting and worth their time. That motivation extends to the viewers for whom we work to provide such a thing. I have spoken with my closest peers in this effort and have come to outline what my policy going into 2017 is. I will disclose however that I do not expect to manage through 2017 with a strict plan. Let’s begin, shall we?

Inter-site networking

It is increasingly obvious that we are best suited as it stands to working with and Discord for our communication. I will emphasize Discord going forward, as it is the current standard in the gaming communications as of 2016. 8chan has been less than a success and it’s lack of immediacy as a form of communication is clearly why. I personally advocate for anonymity on our grand old internet — and this will be respected. I would also like to self-plug Flaskboard, my personal messageboard project. It is possible I will use it for anonymous communication in the vein of 8chan to disassociate from the 8chan network.


  • Discord will continue to be the hub of our supra-channel announcements and communication.
  • 8chan will remain but I would be quick to separate when Flaskboard becomes viable under my programming.

Scheduling and moderation

I will be honest and state that many current administration and moderation positions are not translating into the same kind of hours and motivation into 2017 — they have their reasons and I respect this. I will appoint appropriate moderators and administrators as the necessity comes to be. KeSPA and Chinese events will not take precedence over EU/NA LCS.


  • Invite-only recruitment to the administration team is happening.
  • Western League of Legends events will take precedence over Asian counterparts as per usual.


It is no secret that Esportsvision is not frequently used and does not sponsor anything as primary content – this will stay that way and it’s possible to transition into broadcasting alternate tournaments during down time on this channel. I am interested in hearing from people who would like to take the channel into their own maintenance for events that interest them.

CyLoL web design

The web aesthetic of the site will change in the coming future for a palette swap of the bright neon blue for a sleek silver, closely matching a design adopted by Champions Korea.

Events, contests

There is a 1 vs 1 contest being planned for the coming months. Stay tuned.

This is all I have to say for now and I hope you stick with us as we open another year on cytube and celebrating e-sports. I thank you all for your time during the years. Again, please join us on Discord for contacting with your suggestions and ideas.


Flaskboard – Anonymous Flask messageboard.

Flaskboard instance on Heroku

Flaskboard on Github

After some fun with learning HTML/CSS/JS, I’ve written a basic textboard site with Flask. It’s open source and it’ll grow as I work on it. It’s quite minimal at the moment, which is nice actually. Try it!