The next generation of memes is here.


CyTube Blue is a way to give you more of the game we love, and give us the shekels we need. CyTube BLUE is a paid premium service for that gives you, the viewer, the future of entertainment in an unlimited amount. We’ve been discussing a way to implement revenue for the channel for a long time, and after the World Zionist Congress, we’ve found our solution. BLUE Membership includes;

  • Unlimited emote count per post in chat.
  • Ability to upvote chat posts, highlighting them in bright blue in chat.
  • Priority in video queue
  • Disables voteskip on your videos optionally.
  • Animated Chen and custom themes.

We’re looking for more ways to give you the quality you deserve as a proud e-sports fanatic, and you can email us any suggestions or criticisms at CyTube BLUE is starting at 19.35 Israeli Sheqels.

Get a sneak peek here.

Pre-order your subscription here.

CyTube BLUE and CyTube are trademarked by Google Inc. and Youtube Company, all legal terms can be reviewed at

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