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Holdout – The Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game made in a week!

Holdout is a collaboration between James Hill, Brody Murphy (KATZY) and Myself to create a game in a week using XNA.

About the Game

Holdout is an endless tower defense game. The game consists of 6 towers, with a variety of advantages. Here they are:

  • The Plasma tower deals moderate damage to a single target but is very cheap.
  • The Chain tower deals low amounts of damage per shot but fires quickly, chain turrets deal double damage to enemies with less than 50% HP.
  • The Shell tower deals high damage per shot but fires slowly, shell turrets deal double damage to an enemy with over 50% HP
  • The Blaze tower deal damage over time to all enemies in an are around it.
  • The Railgun deals lots of damage to enemies that are in range of it, but cannot shoot close to itself. It can hit critical hits that deal double damage.
  • The Reactor slows down enemies in range but doesn’t deal damage.

The game’s controls are explained in the README file included in the file. This game is for Windows PCs and uses XNA 4.

Download Holdout for Windows PCs

Had fun? Post screenshots and high scores! (Note: Please run the setup program as an administrator to ensure a smooth process.)

If you’re not sure how to use Google Drive, simply hit CTRL+S.

Programming by James Hill (PenutReaper)
Interface by Kevin Higgins (SnowShinobi)
Music by Brody Murphy AKA KATZY (Soltira)
Game art comes from Lostgarden.com, check them out for free indie resources.

OST Track by KATZY – http://soundcloud.com/katzyofficial/holdout-bgm

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