VoltBot: A Discord chatbot written in Python.

Hi! This is VoltBot, my project on building useful and fun chatbots. Here you can find a list on fixed commands and explanations. Be sure to read the output of $help entirely though to check out the full custom commands list.

Core Commands: Usage: $<command>

  • image: Searches Google for a pseudorandom image result. Usage: $image <search terms>
  • gif: Same as above, but only returns GIFs. Usage: $gif <search terms>
    • Both image and gif are unavailable to users that are blacklist level 1. See $permissions.
  • permissions: List your Discord ID, Whitelist level and Blacklist level. Usage: $permissions
  • talk: Have a conversation with VoltBot. Usage: $talk <message>
  • add: Creates a custom command as long as the name does not conflict with predefined commands or commands that already exist. Usage: $add <name> <result>
    • add is restricted at blacklist level 2.
  • blacklist: Blacklists a user to a value between 0 (No blacklist) and 3 (predefined). Only works for users with whitelist level 1. Usage: $blacklist <@user> <value>
  • whitelist: Whitelists another user to a given rank between 0 (No whitelist) and 3. Only works for users with whitelist level 2. Usage: $whitelist <@user> <value>
  • help: Displays the message you probably read to get here from the Discord chat.

Custom Commands

VoltBot provides a set of custom commands that are listed with $help and can be added to with $add. Use them like a normal command. e.g. ‘abc’ command exists, so I can enter $abc to use it.