Rising Jam – Disguises!

Disguises! is a game about a thief that has the ability to copycat the various mallgoers around him to steal the three artifacts in the mall. He can use his disguises to effectively lose his pursuers by matching his disguises’ ideal store, and pickpocket others guests – even buy soda cans and a slingshot to help him!238c5df79276ec4106d5ccf370dd5ecc

This game was made for: http://itch.io/jam/rising-jam

Play on itch.io: http://shiburizu.itch.io/disguises

YourCon – Game Design Contest Entry

YourCon Logo


Preface: YourCon was an entry to the first Game Design contest held on indierising.net – ultimately it came down to be a tech demo for numbers and management, but it was a major leap in my knowledge of  Construct 2.

YourCon is a game about managing a convention center through adapting cultural trends, from the stands to the press to the guests.


A less explored subject of the ‘tycoon’ genre might be the most complex – the Convention Hall. YourCon is a game about adapting your convention’s stands, guest appearances and visual flair to fit the trend of the moment, which could change or remain the same through every quarter.

The game runs on a system of Years, Seasons and Quarters:

– Years are most relevant to the game’s mission objectives (e.g. reaching a certain guest count by year X)
– Seasons are when the media reviews your convention. Stay trendy to receive big popularity boosts or become the ‘bore-con’.
– Quarters are when profits and expenses are accounted into your finances, and trends get randomized.

To make money, you need to spend money. In YourCon, you build different types of stands which will offer different genre choices to stock with, and you’ll need to manage stock to make any money at all. 


In short, YourCon is a game about how frantic and ever-changing a convention can be.