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YourCon gameplay prototype

YourCon Logo


Preface: YourCon was an entry to the first Game Design contest held on indierising.net – ultimately it came down to be a tech demo for numbers and management, but it was a major leap in my knowledge of Construct 2.

YourCon is a game about managing a convention center through adapting cultural trends, from the stands to the press to the guests.


A less explored subject of the ‘tycoon’ genre might be the most complex – the Convention Hall. YourCon is a game about adapting your convention’s stands, guest appearances and visual flair to fit the trend of the moment, which could change or remain the same through every quarter.

The game runs on a system of Years, Seasons and Quarters:

– Years are most relevant to the game’s mission objectives (e.g. reaching a certain guest count by year X)
– Seasons are when the media reviews your convention. Stay trendy to receive big popularity boosts or become the ‘bore-con’.
– Quarters are when profits and expenses are accounted into your finances, and trends get randomized.

To make money, you need to spend money. In YourCon, you build different types of stands which will offer different genre choices to stock with, and you’ll need to manage stock to make any money at all.


In short, YourCon is a game about how frantic and ever-changing a convention can be.

Mirage Legacy ORPG Engine

legacyPreface: Mirage Legacy is an edit of the Eclipse Origins 2.3 engine that was made to provide a base for entry-level developers to make their own online RPG games. Support for this engine has been discontinued. Find the latest Eclipse releases at eclipseorigins.com


What is Mirage Legacy?

Mirage Legacy is a Custom Version of Eclipse 2.3 returning some of the best source additions from the Eclipse community into one simple but dynamic engine with the basic needs of an ORPG ready for you. Unleash the power of Mirage and Eclipse with one engine that is free and open source now, and forever.


The reason is simple. The history of Eclipse and Mirage are being quickly and easily forgotten by many and the true spirit of Eclipse is being lost. This is a tribute to what it once was and what it can become. Create the game your way with no limits, no restrictions, and open source code.


Open Source now, and forever.

Make your game unique. Turn heads when you create something nobody has seen before. We’ll be there to cheer you on.

No Programming Required!

You can easily create your own game without any programming knowledge! Feel free to experiment with different features and modules using only your mouse.

Rich Event System

Resembling the system implemented in the RPG Maker series, edit and customize events to create NPCs and Cinematics like no other ORPG. Create detailed and rich dialogues and riddles that rival anything out there.

Quest System

Create epic quests and adventures with great rewards and challenging tasks of all kinds with a rich and detailed Quest editor packed in.

Social Enhancements

Take advantage of the packed in Guild system, E-Mail system and Various chat channels included in the engine to give your players every method of communication they’d ever need, and if you ever need more, the program’s built in packet system is clearly understood and open to edits.

Combat Enhancements

Enhance your spell casting, sword slashing experience with a clearly understood pet system and combat tweaks like auto-targeting, Item consume tweaks and NPC speed options, all packed on top of the rich combat system. Take the battle to the long-distances with an open and frantic Projectile combat system integrated into the Weapon editor.

Download the final release here: http://voltisoft.com/miragelegacy



Suddenly…Mutants! is a Survival top-down shooter made in Construct 2.
This project is largely a learning experience for me to learn how Construct 2 works. Play it in your browser, and compete on the Clay.io leaderboards, earn achievements as well.


The game is wave based and has a light upgrade system to increase your movement speed and rate of fire by subtracting some of your score, balance your upgrades and skill to reach the top of the leaderboards. This game is also mobile optimized with Virtual Joysticks, best played on the clay.io website.

This was again, a huge learning experience for me and feedback is appreciated. Have fun!

Controls are explained ingame. Thanks to Jonathan Elihu for the music and Freesfx.co.uk for sound effects.

Play it on:
Newgrounds.com – http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636913 Rate it up!

Disguises! Game Prototype

Disguises! is a game about a thief that has the ability to copycat the various mallgoers around him to steal the three artifacts in the mall. He can use his disguises to effectively lose his pursuers by matching his disguises’ ideal store, and pickpocket others guests – even buy soda cans and a slingshot to help him!238c5df79276ec4106d5ccf370dd5ecc

This game was made for: http://itch.io/jam/rising-jam

Play on itch.io: http://shiburizu.itch.io/disguises

Holdout TD





Holdout – The Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game made in a week!

Holdout is a collaboration between James Hill, Brody Murphy (KATZY) and Myself to create a game in a week using XNA.

About the Game

Holdout is an endless tower defense game. The game consists of 6 towers, with a variety of advantages. Here they are:

  • The Plasma tower deals moderate damage to a single target but is very cheap.
  • The Chain tower deals low amounts of damage per shot but fires quickly, chain turrets deal double damage to enemies with less than 50% HP.
  • The Shell tower deals high damage per shot but fires slowly, shell turrets deal double damage to an enemy with over 50% HP
  • The Blaze tower deal damage over time to all enemies in an are around it.
  • The Railgun deals lots of damage to enemies that are in range of it, but cannot shoot close to itself. It can hit critical hits that deal double damage.
  • The Reactor slows down enemies in range but doesn’t deal damage.

The game’s controls are explained in the README file included in the file. This game is for Windows PCs and uses XNA 4.

Download Holdout for Windows PCs

Had fun? Post screenshots and high scores! (Note: Please run the setup program as an administrator to ensure a smooth process.)

If you’re not sure how to use Google Drive, simply hit CTRL+S.

Programming by James Hill (PenutReaper)
Interface by Kevin Higgins (SnowShinobi)
Music by Brody Murphy AKA KATZY (Soltira)
Game art comes from Lostgarden.com, check them out for free indie resources.

OST Track by KATZY – http://soundcloud.com/katzyofficial/holdout-bgm